Destination wedding photography Italy

Our philosophy


Destination wedding photography Italy our philosophy: creating lifetime memories for amazing people of the world.

Our philosophy:

Destination wedding photography Italy

At My Italian Wedding Photos we strive to offer our clients the most dynamic and talented photographers, video makers and web designers. Persons with different backgrounds but only formula for success that includes a mix of day by day learning with a long time experience. Add the wish to grow as artists and the result is our dedication in offering the best in service and quality. Here at Italian Wedding Photos we have an unmatched flexibility for services customizing. Our passion is You and each time we capture that first glance, dance or kiss. We love getting the opportunity to provide lifetime memories for amazing people around the world.

With us you may take the decision to have two photographers, a choice that aims at increasing the quality of the photographic service while ensuring the maximum coverage of the wedding. This allows to express a particular photographic style through the union of two different but complementary photographic visions, combined in natural way because the service we provide is a photographic story of your special wedding day and not just individual portrait images.

The images will be a representation of the candid and natural interaction which will take place in the surrounding environment and with the people present without forcing the images into poses. Multipurpose because the services offered range from different photography to video services, they may include the creation of a web gallery to share images via Internet, or the classic wedding album as well as more modern wedding album types; ensuring punctuality and professionalism for each type of product offered.

We offer these services at fair prices compared to the maximum flexibility attention for your needs, the professionalism and dedication we offer. Natural Photos, Relaxed Approach, Beautiful Memories Your wedding will be special- a whole day of emotional, romantic, fun and memorable moments, shared with the people you love. Choose a photographer who will capture those memories forever, giving you beautiful, natural images to treasure. Reportage, Photojournalism, candid, whatever you want to call it.

We shoot to tell the story, from the emotions of the ceremony, the details of your table decorations to your rocking out on the dancefloor. We will shoot a handful of formal family group shots as you wish, and get some creative bride and groom portaits somewhere in there too.

But mostly we’ll keep things relaxed and informal, photographing your day as it happens, giving you a real and honest representation of the event and letting you get on with enjoying your celebrations.

Covering all italy, including tuscany, Florence, Siena, Portofino, Ravello, Amalfi,Venice, Rome, Sicily and Como and Garda lake for Wedding photography. It is impossible to overstress how important your wedding photographer is. Memories can fade, but a wedding picture lasts a lifetime. You want your wedding pictures to capture every glorious moment and freeze every wonderful emotion of your special day and to help you relive those same feelings years, even decades later. If your wedding is to be held in Italy, then you will want your wedding photographer not only to be Italian, but to have experience in taking wedding photographs in the location where your ceremony is being held.

A good wedding photographer knows where all the sweetest spots are for memory-making photographs. He or she will take you to different nearby locations in order to capture the true essence of the time and the place and the wonderful romance of your wedding day. And when it comes to breathtaking and recognizable backgrounds for your wedding photos, no country can top Italy.

Imagine the Tuscany country side gracing your wedding photos. Or perhaps you’d like a 13th century castle or a 12th century church or just beautiful sailboats playing the deep blue Mediterranean behind you and your love. I don’t know if there’s a town or village anywhere in Italy that doesn’t have at least one ancient ruin or breathtaking beautiful background for your wedding photos, and Italian wedding photographers are known to be perfectionists who take great pride in their work. Any wedding photographer listed in this web site is a professional with a great deal of experience taking wedding photographs – and someone who lives and works constantly in the area in which your wedding is taking place – which means our photographer will know the best places to take wedding photos and will know the best time of day to get just the perfect lighting to show off your radiance and create a memory that you will cherish for a lifetime.