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Stefano: in love with photography since 1977, professional photographer since 2007.

Emphasis: nature, movies, books, music, wedding, people, photography, any kind of art.
Creative in every sense of the word, a pixel perfectionist, a “less is more” kind of guy.
He is all about collaboration and connection. True to that belief, will provided a couple of ways for everyone to get into the right mood. Impressed by innovative ideas and standing behind his job, trying to make his next work better than the last. Still playing his 360 after all these years, looking forward to the future but no no longer( or still?) a 9 to 5 kind of guy. Thinking he has to travel more, going to get his boating license this year.

Vita: Stefano grew up in Florence. Being constantly surrounded by the beauty of Tuscany art treasures and landscapes, his eye was shaped from an early age.As a teenager, he was given his first camera, and with it came the desire to create.
Nostalghia, a movie directed by Andrey Tarkovsky, has been his starting point, a sort of illumination. In love with the photographic poetry of the Russian film director, he began to spend most of his free time exploring (with his “overclocked” vespa 50) and photographing Tuscany, a journey not yet completed, that landed into a few editorial gigs.
Then it came the time to get some training. After attending several photography programs in Florence, Stefano wasted but one day before moving into hundreds of travels around the five continents, where while shooting landscapes, people, ceremonies, he had the chance to shot several events of different religious beliefs. He spent just over five years learning the photography industry working as an assistant while living and traveling through Asia, Australia and the Americas.
Still today he is delving into photography, is fond of images without much artificial additives but with a large dose of spontaneity. Stefano loves photography as a mean to capture spontaneous moments and express his creativity. So it comes with no surprises, that your wedding as a whole is the focus of Stefano work. You and your guests, the action, the mood of the day are what he strive to capture in a fresh, natural and elegant way.
Stefano’s style of graphic imagery exposes his subjects with a sense of truth and realism. His ultimate goal is to achieve a connection between the subject and the viewer. This connection, combined with crisp lighting and dynamic angles, results in an imagery that is powerful and engaging.
Although Stefano most enjoys working with people as his subjects, he is constantly working to move forward and adapt his vision to take on the next new challenge. Stefano is also a sweet and talented graphic and web designer at

Giuseppe: professional photographer and video maker since 1990
Emphasis: video, music, veejay , wedding, people, lifestyle.

Vita: Giuseppe is a freelance photographer, video maker and mixed media artists since 1990. He also teach multimedia design at Florence University. His portfolio showcases an innate ability to approach several forms of motion branding, interactive design, video art, on-screen graphics, animation for commercial purposes. His work spans several different styles, from minimal to urban, it can be delicate or powerful, and has its roots in the most culturally diverse references and experiences . He also makes video clips, trailers, videos for the web, reporting , documentaries, and institutional video for companies, videos for events and conventions, without forgetting about short films, video-art. He brings to our wedding video his expertise in the realization of documentaries, short films and corporate videos . Giuseppe goal is growing image after image, project after project, as a camera-man, as an editor, as a story-teller.

Simona: professional video maker since 2006
Emphasis: fashion, wedding, people.

Vita: Simona is a fashion illustrator and a video maker. She realized two short documentaries in 2007 and 2008 and she works as a freelancer for some agencies for the direction of video clip, backstage and film documentary. She has a strong creative sensibility and taste for music. Simona is the sum of her experiences and the result is a film customized for each individual. The style is purely documentaries and cinematic but every event is a different job. Particular attention is on the taste and individual needs of the customer and the atmosphere surrounding the event. My Italian wedding photos Productions – Full Service Video Production Company, Video Biography – Memoirs

My Italian Wedding Photos is specialized in capturing the charm and elegance of your Italian wedding. We are a group of Professional Italian Photographers, wedding video makers and wedding web designers, based in Florence, tuscany , Italy providing professional experience in the field of Fine Art Wedding Photography and Wedding Photojournalism with the aim to achieve a complete, natural and multipurpose work delivery.
Deciding to have your wedding in Italy is an exciting and unforgettable experience that you will want to remember forever. My Italian Wedding Photos available for weddings and other kind of events all over Italy.
Any wedding photographer and videographer listed in this web site is a professional with a great deal of experience taking wedding photographs and wedding video editing – and someone who lives and works constantly in the area in which your wedding is taking place – which means our photographer will know the best places to take wedding photos and will know the best time of day to get just the perfect lighting to show off your radiance and create a memory that you will cherish for a lifetime.
We work closely with Italian Wedding Planners who have great experience in organizing weddings all over Italy .Their experienced staff can help you to get married in Italy no matter what the requirements.