People & Parties

People & Parties

People & Parties

People & Parties – Destination Wedding Photographer Italy


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PEOPLE & PARTIES  –  WHAT HAPPENS ONCE THE CEREMONY IS OVER ?   The fun of the day truly begins…  We shoot to tell the story, from the tension of Getting ready,  the  emotions of the ceremony, the details of your table decorations to your rocking out on the dance floor. We will shoot a handful of creative  family group shots as you wish, and get some cool bride and groom portraits somewhere in there too. But mostly I’ll keep things relaxed and informal, photographing your day as it happens, giving you a real and honest representation of the event and letting you get on with enjoying your celebrations.Your wedding will be special- a whole day of emotional, romantic, fun and memorable moments, shared with the people you love. Choose a photographer who will capture your emotions forever, giving you beautiful, natural images to treasure. Reportage, Photojournalism, candid, cool, whatever you want to call it.

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